We Got A Pool

Last year we wanted to get a pool but decided to get it “next year” as we had other projects going on. So it is now “next year”!


Unfortunately, it is also the summer of 2020 – which is Corona-rama. Everybody and their brother’s dog are stuck at home with nothing to do (except me… I am busier than I ever have been… This is actually good in this case). So because of this, plus products not coming in from China, all the pools are gone. Just my luck… when I am ready to buy one, they are all gone.


“Ok, that’s fine, I can buy a used one”, I thought. I come to find out that everybody already caught on to the trend and all the used pools are waaayy over priced. A pool that would cost about $300 at a Walmart sells for $1000 on FB Marketplace. And the ones that are decently priced are gone in minutes.

I get on it and check marketplace every hour. I actually set a one-hour timer for my self.

Finally one popped up and I was on my way to pick it up. It was suppose to be an 18′ pool that was only 1 year old, “like new” they said. The best part – it was only $225!

I showed up and there it was laying on the ground with winter worth of leaves and debris sludge in the middle. That didn’t deter me. I was in the zone… I was getting me a pool today!

I packed it all in the car and brought it home. Right away I wanted to set it up in my yard so I can look it over more closely and clean it good.

After assembling it, I found a label on it that said 15′ X 48″…. umm this was suppose to be an 18′ pool, not 15’….

Ok, well, it didn’t look too small, in fact it looked good size. If it was an 18′ it would actually be too big. So I wasn’t too mad about that.

While filling it up a bit to clean it, I noticed a lot of wet grass on one side. “Holes! Noo!”

I picked up the bottom of the pool to look under it and saw light coming through in about 5 spots..



I crawled along the side some more picking the bottom of the pool up and… more stars – holes..



Ok, don’t panic…. many holes…. not like 2 or 3, talking about like 10 or more.

“Ok … I’ll just patch them… ALL OF THEM! No problem”

I did. I actually patched about 20+ holes. One by one, I found all of them and now, it is pool worthy. (The patch material I used is transparent so it is not visible at all)

I also upgraded the pump/filter for a sand filter. This thing is great! Best of all, the sand doesn’t need to be changed in it for 5 years.

We also found a used ladder to upgrade the stock one.

I really like how it came out. I love this thing!

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