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Rear Passenger Door Window Stuck Open

It’s hot in Spokane right now, July weather.. I think we had 85 as a high today. Driving home from a shopping trip today we had our windows up and AC going, but then my daughter tried to open her window and it just dropped down. It got stuck open and just won’t work. Clicking the window up or down button did nothing. I knew something broke in there.

photo 3

After taking the door apart and pulling out the glass and the power window mechanism out, I found out that the keeper that holds the cable that pulls the window up broke. This is not something I can just fix. The whole power window assembly needs to be replaced.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 4

This is a Saturday night.. the parts stores are closed, so I have to wait till Monday to get the part. Driving around, mainly parking and leaving the car with a missing window is not good, so I assembled the window and the sliding track, minus the motor and cables, and zip-tied it in the closed position. Now it looks normal from the outside.

I am going to go and get the part sometime this week, when I get a chance. Having the window in the closed position buys me some time to get the part, so I don’t have to rush and get it all done.

I’ll tell you what happens next in the next post.

~ Valik

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