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We today are used to the appearance and feeling of democracy in the western society. The notion of us having a say, that we are “somebody” with rights. All this hinders many from grasping the reality of the situation. In the old world with Kings (that actually ruled the peasants), where the peasant knew their place and knew the omnipotent power of the King or Queen, it was easier for them to understand where they and God stood in the grand scheme of things.

To understand why God does this or that when it comes to world hunger or murders or what ever else prevents us from admitting that He is real. Coming up with excuses like, if God was good he wouldn’t let that hurricane kill so many people or destroy their already meager lives. To even begin to understand this you’ve got to first position yourself in the correct place where you belong in the hierarchy of the eternity.

I want to try to illustrate this and lay it out so we can all then look at God and why he does the things He does from a correct vantage.

First: We, as humanity are not the top dog, at the top of the food chain. We are clumps of mud that God shaped into these creatures, yes back with Adam and they duplicated themselves over and over until you and I appeared on this earth. God is beyond our little earth. It is the center of the universe and the planet that God is focused on but He is not from here and is not bound by its laws or limitations, He certainly is not bound by the little rules we come up with about what is fair and what is not. He is all-powerful, so to say, in charge of everything. He is a King in all the meaning of the word. He can erase us if he wants to, or he can bless the socks off of us. He does not ask our opinion and does not consult with a consulate of human representatives. He does what He thinks He should do, not you or I. If you can grasp this then we can go one to the next thing.

Second: Although He is what I said above, His is also just, sinless and perfect, and He is love ( I will explain this later ). What does this mean? Means that He has rules that He lives within. This is not because someone is forcing Him to stay within those rules, it is because they are the ultimate truth, the right thing to do. We may see truth as a dynamic thing that changes from minute to minute depending on how we feel, but in fact truth is static. It has always been there and always will be there, before the world’s existence and after. God is within this truth, this is why He is trustworthy. If He says something, you can count on it. He does not change His mind.

Now we know 2 things about God; He is omni-powerful and in charge of everything and He is just and perfect. Don’t you wish any of the earthly rulers were close to that? We would have a perfect world.

Third: We, the humans were created to ultimately live in heaven with God. The idea is for us to want to be there. He does not want to create a bunch of robots to serve Him. He wants us to want to be with Him, to serve Him with love. Like a married couple that loves each other, they serve each other out of love (although, not very common these days). For this to happen correctly, our ego and pride needs to take a back seat.

If we understand where we stand, it will be easier to understand why God does what He does and what He allows.

Our job is to trust Him and His will for us. God loves us and wants us to be with Him in heaven. Our sin prevents us from this and this is why God send his only son to take on all of our sing, past, present and future and to pay for them all with death on the cross. He paid for our sins. We are free from the penalty we would have to pay. God loves us so much that He did all the work, all we need to do is just claim it as your own. Believe him and say in your heart “God, I believe. Save me.” That’s it.

God is worthy of trusting. Even though we are so small, and He is so big and so powerful, he loves us. Become His and trust Him and you will have joy unlike any other.

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