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If There Is No God Then Why … Eggs In One Basket?

Talk about putting all the eggs in one basket…

The only, tiny marble (the Earth) of a planet spinning around a nuclear plasma killer fire ball (the Sun), flying in a space filled with screaming million-ton iron boulders (the Meteors), just perfectly close/far from this death star (the Sun) to have the perfect environment for the only intelligent sentient being species (the Humans) that can perfectly sustain for generations and generations and progress from a being that worshiped anything that was unexplainable into a self-righteous wompus that thinks he is the center of the Universe and all this happened by some slime chance.

That was a longest sentence I’ve ever written.

But seriously, what are the chances of this that I wrote above happening, but then not just that but actually continue for thousands of years. Everything, and I mean everything in the galaxy is against it. Just one thing wrong and it’s all gone. Think about it, just one thing goes wrong and it will be the end of it.

If this happened by chance, then this should have happened many other times. We should at least see some partial worlds. A planet that is in the perfect position, a planet with maybe some kind of animals, just any kind of evidence that it is a chance. Chance does not happen once, in a continual line of events. Even one in a million would happen twice in 2 millions, or 10 in 10 millions.

We are just one. No other like us. No other planet like ours. No other beings like us.

Intelligent design. <----

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