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Christians and Integrity In Business

Christians and integrity in business

It shocks me sometimes how some Christian business people allow shady practices in their business, although the rest of their life shines bright in the public eye.

-> Are you fudging the numbers to help with taxes?

-> Are you flat out lying in your marketing with the excuse that it is marketing techniques? What if I told you that trying to manipulate people’s actions with lies is as bad as witchcraft?

-> Are you cheating your clients on work done or hours charged?

There are so many other things that we can be doing in business that are not pleasing to the Lord.

I sometimes catch my self running into that in my business but once my eyes open to it, there is no way I can continue and have to fix it.

Let me tell you, this can hurt. It can mean a complete change of how business is done. Sometimes it will hurt the bottom line.

I challenge you today to trust the Lord and cut all this out of your business and be ok with losing money, clients, leads, etc. to please God. Let God bless your business for operating it with integrity.

It is possible that your business will tank because of it. But I got to tell you that operating a business without God’s blessing is not success. God will bless you in other ways if it is His will.

Trust God! Don’t compromise. Throw yourself and your family at His feet and let Him take care of you, your family and your business. You WILL be amazed.

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